留学体験記 – Joakim Wikman(ジョアキム ウィクマン)さん

交換留学プログラム (Student Exchange program)
ルンド大学(スウェーデン)/ 2022年4月~2023年3月

●Why did you want to study abroad in Japan?/なぜ日本に留学しようと思ったのですか。
I have since a very long time ago been interested in Japan and its language, so that’s why I chose to study it in University. Ever since I started my course in University, they told us that we would be able to study abroad one day. With my growing skills in the language this only deepened my interest in going abroad.長い間興味があった日本と日本語を、大学で学ぶことにしました。大学へ入学後、いつか海外留学も可能になることを耳にしました。私の日本語のスキルは向上しておりましたので、海外留学の実現の有無は私の興味次第、ということでした。

●Why did you choose Tokushima University for your studying abroad? / 徳島大学を選んだ理由は何ですか。
We had several different options in our abroad studies, but the one that stood out the most was probably Tokushima. Not only is the city and its surroundings beautiful, but the courses offered by the university were many and interesting.

●What subjects have you been studying in your home university?/自国ではなにを勉強していましたか。
I was studying Japanese, Japanese and Chinese history, English, but also Creative Writing.

●How did you prepare for studying in Japan?/日本留学に向けてどのような勉強をしましたか。
I looked up several guides for things to look out and prepare for. It also helped that I have been here twice before.

●How was your experience in Tokushima? For example, was there anything that surprised you? / 徳島に来てどうでしたか。例えば、驚いたことはありますか。
How many people that came up and talked to me. It might be special in my case since I am a blue eyed blond person, but even people that didn’t know me at all came up to me and started conversations, always ready to help.

●Have you used the Culture Lounge while you are in TU? How did you like using Culture Lounge? / 徳島大学ではカルチャー・ラウンジは利用しましたか。また、利用してどうでしたか。
I have used the Culture Lounge several times when studying at TU. I usually use it between lessons, reading books or preparing for my next lesson.

●How was your learning experience with courses at TU?/徳島大学での勉強(受講)はどうでしたか。
It was fun, but also a bit different. Studying completely normal subjects only in Japanese was a bit challenging, but as I learned more Japanese it became easier.

●Are there any big differences with student life in Tokushima and the country where your university is? / 学生生活について、日本と自国では大きな違いがありますか。
Several. In Lund you are expected to join a nation, a way for you to access all the different aspects of student life there. There are activities which you wouldn’t experience in Tokushima, such as dance clubs, brunch, and many other varied events.

●What experience gave you strongest impact during your stay in Japan or in Tokushima? / 日本(徳島)での生活で一番印象深いものは何ですか。
The sense of being a minority whereas I have only ever been a majority. Also the fact that such a technologically developed country still mainly use cash and paperwork.

●What is your goal in the future?/将来の目標は何ですか。
My goal in the future is to become a novelist. During my stay here in Tokushima I have completed one novel already, still writing my second one.

●Could you leave advice to students who want to study abroad from Tokushima or thinking of studying in Tokushima from your home school? / 留学を考えている学生に向けてアドバイスをお願いします。
To plan ahead and to make sure that this is the city you want to go to. Tokushima is fun, but most probably want to go to Tokyo and experience the big city I believe.
Tokushima is a smaller city, and while it is a nice it won’t provide you with experiences like the capital will.前もって計画を立て、この街こそが自分の行きたいところだ、という気持ちを確かにしておくことです。徳島は楽しいところですが、ほとんどの人は東京へ行って、大都市での暮らしを体験したいと希望するでしょう。徳島は小さな街で良いところですが、ここで体験できることは、首都のような大都市でのものとは異なります。