留学体験記 – Erik Trulson(エリック トルーソン)さん

交換留学プログラム (Student Exchange program)
ルンド大学(スウェーデン)/ 2022年4月~2023年3月

●Why did you want to study abroad in Japan?/なぜ日本に留学しようと思ったのですか。
I have had an interest in Japan for a long time, and wanted to experience the country more intimately.

●Why did you choose Tokushima University for your studying abroad? / 徳島大学を選んだ理由は何ですか。
Lund University has an agreement with Tokushima university, and I wanted to go to Shikoku as I had not been there before. Many other universities were also cancelling their exchange program due to covid.

●What subjects have you been studying in your home university?/自国ではなにを勉強していましたか。
I have been majoring in Japanese Studies.

●How did you prepare for studying in Japan?/日本留学に向けてどのような勉強をしましたか。
I made a list of things to remember, and things to bring.
I also tried to brush up on my Japanese, even though it is lacking.

●How was your experience in Tokushima? For example, was there anything that surprised you? / 徳島に来てどうでしたか。例えば、驚いたことはありますか。
I met a lot of nice people. It was a good experience.
I was surprised by how many different animals you could find in the park here.

●Have you used the Culture Lounge while you are in TU? How did you like using Culture Lounge? / 徳島大学ではカルチャー・ラウンジは利用しましたか。また、利用してどうでしたか。
Yes, I sometimes used culture lounge as a place to study. Usually I would go there with a friend and we would do homework at the same time or study together, but also sometimes just talk.

●How was your learning experience with courses at TU?/徳島大学での勉強(受講)はどうでしたか。My experience was good.There is a period at the start of each term where you can switch courses if you change your mind, which is very convenient.

●Are there any big differences with student life in Tokushima and the country where your university is? / 学生生活について、日本と自国では大きな違いがありますか。
Student accommodation is much cheaper in Tokushima, and it seems to be easier to find. I also found that food is cheaper here, especially in the school cafeteria.

●What experience gave you strongest impact during your stay in Japan or in Tokushima? / 日本(徳島)での生活で一番印象深いものは何ですか。
The connections I made with people I met here. Of course, the traveling I did during the summer break was also very memorable.

●What is your goal in the future?/将来の目標は何ですか。
Currently, my goal is to improve my Japanese. After that, I intend to either work in Japan, or in my home-town Stockholm.

●Could you leave advice to students who want to study abroad from Tokushima or thinking of studying in Tokushima from your home school? / 留学を考えている学生に向けてアドバイスをお願いします。
For people who want to study at Tokushima University:
My advice is to consider the location of where your accommodation is, some dorms can be quite far from campus. Furthermore, I advise you to be careful when using your bike, it can be quite daunting to bike right next to cars and on sidewalks if you are not used to it.
Be sure to make preparations before you leave, and look through the courses as well as the calendar. Other than that, Tokushima is a pleasant place, and It feels very safe.