留学体験記 – Siti Aminah(シティ アミナ―)さん

交換留学プログラム(Student Exchange Program)
マラヤ大学(マレーシア)/ 2019年10月~2020年9月

●Why did you want to study abroad in Japan? / なぜ日本に留学しようと思ったのですか。
I wanted to enhance my Japanese language.

●Why did you choose Tokushima University for your studying abroad? / 徳島大学を選んだ理由は何ですか。
I was assigned to Tokushima University based on my previous examination result in home university.

●What subject have you been studying in your home university? / 自国では何を勉強していましたか。
Mainly focusing on East Asian country which consist Japan, Korea and China. The subjects is focusing on politics, social, economy, and international relation. 

●How did you prepare for studying in Japan? / 日本留学に向けてどのような準備をしましたか。
Learning Japanese language and submit application for available scholarship.

●How was your experience in Tokushima? For example, was there anything that surprised you? / 徳島に来てどうでしたか。例えば、驚いたことはありますか。
I learned a lot about Tokushima traditional culture along with adapting living in Japan. What was surprising is the modern technology of Japan, for example the efficient bus system service, the cleanliness of the surrounding and manageable recycling service in Japan.

●Have you used the Culture Lounge while you are in Tokushima University? How did you like using Culture Lounge? / 徳島大学ではカルチャー・ラウンジは利用しましたか。また、利用してどうでしたか。
I rarely used the Culture Lounge. One time I went to have lunch and met with other Japanese friends and it was so fun to talk and exchanging information about each other country.

●How was your learning experience with courses at Tokushima University? / 徳島大学での勉強(受講)はどうでしたか。
The courses offered by TU was so much different from my home university. Home university offered courses regarding international relation, politics, history, and economics of East Asian nation while TU offered courses covering social and culture of Japan alongside Japanese language. Japanese language was teach in more complex Japanese which was a good decision for me to enroll with it as my goal was to enhance my Japanese language while in Japan. As for subjects that introducing the topics about Japanese culture, I discovered and learned a lot about Japanese cinema history, literature and even multicultural society subjects that giving me exposure to how Japanese people that included with various background. In short, the courses offered provided more understanding toward Japan.

●Are there any big differences with student life in Tokushima and the country where your university is? / 学生生活について、日本と自国とでは大きな違いがありますか。
Back in home university, the assignment given was filled with long reports, summary and presentation while in TU the assignment was likely to be weekly assignment. Japan living fee is much higher than home university.

●What did you get an impact out of the most in your life of Japan or Tokushima? / 日本(徳島)での生活で一番印象深いものは何ですか。
The hospitality service given by Japanese. Their formalities toward their respective job is surprising me and to realized that they always tried to serve the costumers with excellent service moved me to stay for a longer time in Japan. And also I still want to learn more about Japanese history of each places that I visited.

●What is your goal in the future? / 将来の目標は何ですか。
I hope to continue my mastering degree program in Japan upon completing this undergraduate program. And focusing more on mastering Japanese Language. 

●Could you leave advice to students who want to study abroad in the future? / 留学を考えている学生に向けてアドバイスをお願いします。
It would be best to have N3 or at least N4 level of Japanese language as there are a lot of courses offering in Japanese and least in English. There no worries about the life in Tokushima as the people is so nice and kind.
多くの授業が日本語で提供され、英語は少ないので日本語能力は N3 か少なくとも N4 はもっておくと良いです。みんな優しく親切なので徳島の生活に心配はいりません。